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Before learning to install WordPress at Arvixe, you should have some knowledge about WordPress. In simple terms, it is a free and open source tool and a Content Management System (CMS) which is based on PHP and MySQL. Some of its vital features include plugin architecture and the template system. According to an estimate, more than top ten million websites are hosted on WordPress which is approximate to 23.3% of the total number of websites. There is no doubt that it has become of the most popular and widely used blog hosting system on the web. Founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little had initially released it on May 27, 2003 the same year in which Arvixe web hosting Company was found.

Arvixe is one of the most popular and widely used web hosting service providers which offers the service of WordPress Blog Hosting. Therefore, you should know the fast and easy technique to install it and create a website to promote your online business or blog. The following article describes the installation process using the Softaculous which is an automatic app installer. Here is the step by step process which you can easily follow-

First And Foremost Log On To The cPanel  Then –

1. Next you need to move on the section Software/service and choose Softaculous.

1st step


2.Scroll down the blog gallery and click on the WordPress.

2nd step

3. Your next job is to fill out the complete details regarding the installation of the WordPress. After filling out the details click install.

3rd step(1)


4. The next step is to select the domain you want to install for WordPress.

4th step

However, it is important to specify the root folder for WordPress which would find in the directory. It is also essential to keep this space blank in case you are installing WordPress for domain name. The Database name can also be left default.

Apart from this, the Table Prefix can also be left as default WP. However, due to security reasons you can change the name as anything for example, ncwpsite.

As far as the site section is concerned, you can fill out the details as per your needs and you can change it anytime as per your convenience if there is any such need. It is important to fill in details which are hard in the Admin Account Section because of security reasons.

5. Wait for a few moments so that it gets ready for installation. When it is done click on the install.

After the successful installation process is over, you will get a message informing about the completion of the procedure.

Now the WordPress is ready to be used. You can just log in into your account to get the WordPress Dashboard and start working on it.

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