The Beginner’s Guide to Arvixe Cpanel

Sometimes, even the best of us fail, but there is no denying the fact that Excellency was once a beginner. Thus, here is a beginner’s guide to Arvixe’s Cpanel. The panel used by Arvixe is a pretty standard one. All of the hosting for linux is carried on, on these standard panels. Without any doubt, the Cpanel spells quality at everything it does. Moreover, the interface is extremely user friendly and not difficult to figure out. The software has been picked by well known hosts of the web and hence it is one of the best in the market currently.

The good thing about Arvixe is that, there are ample self-help video tutorials to help you sail through. You will have your lamest questions answered. It is surely one of the best hosts around and the company also tells you the meaning of a “web host”. Isn’t it wonderful now? Moreover, if you have created a website then it absolutely needs to be hosted. Otherwise, it is entirely pointless. Also, in order to host your website you will need server space and hence, you will have to purchase the same from your web host.


Most of the web hosts provide different packages for different people. Hence, all you have got to do is pick the package that most suits your needs.

Site Builder

The RV sitebuilder is one of the best services provided by the web host. It has got a class of its own. This makes creating a website and managing it as easy as a piece of cake. Yes, every bit of information is provided so that even an unprofessional can help himself at Arvixe webhosting. Who said creating a unique site was difficult now? Moreover, Arvixe has backed up all of its explanations along with a demo to make it all the more awesome.

You have nothing to worry about even if you are a complete amateur. You have to follow the following steps in order to enter the panel –

  • You will see a login page
  • Enter your id
  • Enter your password

Your id and password will be provided to you by Arvixe and you have nothing to worry about. You have to only use the provided id and password in order to get in. Once you are in, there are a million things you can do, including building websites. Use those things to your benefit. In order to build your website you will have to use the RV sitebuilder. The sitebuilder and the Cpanel are connected to each other at all times. In fact, you will have access to countless email accounts through Arvixe. Yes, in other words, you can create as many emails as you like. Isn’t this a wonderful add-on to your business? On a concluding note, the Cpanel provided by Arvixe is a pretty decent one.

Add-on Domains

This is the best way out for webmasters. They have the following 3 options and all of the 3 can be done in a moment –

  • Generating an add-on domain
  • Generating a database of MySQL
  • Generating a database of posrgreSQL

It is with the help of those that a webmaster can manage all the domains and databases. All he or she has to do is, use domain section and database section. In fact, a webmaster can use PhpMyAdmin in order to maintain and manage a MySQL database. All of it has been made easy with the professional services at Arvixe.

Moreover, adding a domain to your website was never easier. Arvixe provides you with a fairly easy step by step guide and self-help videos to do the same. All you have to do is, go to the “Domains” tab and click on “Add-on Domains”. After that, enter your domain name!

Arvixe Cpanel Fantastico:

Owing to this feature, one can do a large number of things. The following can be installed very easily because of the fantastico –

  • CMS
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Any other platform based blogs

All of these things can be done in a single click and yes, all of the installations are direct. As in, there isn’t really a need or requirement of software from the host. You can directly download the client. However, a little look into the beginner’s guide of Arvixe will help you gather more information and become more adept at operating the software.


Yes, the Cpanel at Arvixe is a pretty average and easy to understandable one but at the same time, there is no escaping from the fact that it is the best and the most popular control panel at the moment. It is paramount in quality and it is a known fact in the hosting industry that Arvixe doesn’t compromise with quality. You could look over the internet for a detailed overview of the Arvixe Cpanel. You will find enough self-help videos and websites. If you are looking to host on Arvixe then you will find quite a few discount coupons on the web. You can easily make use of them.

It isn’t for nothing that Arvixe is extremely popular with all website owners and its Cpanel the most excellent. In fact, Arvixe is an award winning service provider too. Hence, if you are one of the people who own a website and are looking for hosting services then Arvixe is your answer. There is an plenty discount for first time users and you can further minimize your cost by using discount coupons. All you have to do is enter the coupon code when you sign up for hosting and it shall apply. Good luck with hosting your website!

Last but not the least, don’t forget to thoroughly understand every detail related to Arvixe’s Cpanel. Hosting will get much easier that way.

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