Arvixe v/s Hostgator Hosting – Full Comparison


Arvixe and Hostgator have gained adequate reputation as the two highly rated hosting providers. Both are hostgator-vs-arvixeserving the customers from more than ten years. They offer a wide range of services which includes the dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and shared hosting. As a matter of fact, the new customers can really get confused in figuring out which is better in terms of hosting. The best way to eliminate the confusion is to make a comparative study which will give a good idea regarding which is better and why. Most of the new webmasters compare on the basis of performance, price, technical support, loading speed and features.

The Performance

The performance and quality of the web hosting mainly depends on the advancement of its data centres and the configuration of the server. Both the Hostgator and the Arvixe are making use of the upgraded servers. Hostgator uses the Dual Xeon while the Arvixe operates on Dual Quad Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPUE5 620 @ 2.40GHz which is regarded as powerful and highly advanced, the best for web hosting. It is well equipped with firewalls; DDoS attack response and reluctant carriers to ensure complete security and round the clock monitoring.

It is mainly due to these powerful servers that both the companies are able to promise a 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, Arvixe has performed better than Hostgator which is also evident from the customer’s reviews.

Prices And Plans

It is very important for a new customer to compare the different plans and their prices when they are searching for the web hosting company. You can choose a particular plan according to your purpose and the budget. Now if you compare the plans and pricing of Hostgator and Arvixe, you would know that they both offer three types of suitable package for their customers.

Arvixe for instance offers both the Linux and Windows shared web hosting solutions. If you are a Linux user you can choose between Personal Class and Personal Class Pro. The  prices are $4 and $7 per month. For the Window users it has a couple of plans named as Personal Class ASP and Personal Class ASP Pro. They are priced at $5 and $8 respectively. All the plans have unlimited disk space and bandwidth and you also get a free domain.


Compared to Arvixe, Hostgator has three types of hosting plans namely the Hatchling, Baby and the Business. They have been priced at $3.69, $6.45 and $10.45 respectively. Here too, you’ll get unlimited disk space and bandwidth but Arvixe is a better choice on the basis of price.


Loading Speed

The data centres play quite a vital role in determining what loading speed will a web hosting company preferably provide to their customers. Arvixe has latest and advanced technologies which help in reducing the distance between the visitors and the server of the websites. Therefore, it is capable and efficient in delivering fast loading speed and low latency. It has become a reliable hosting provider.

Hostgator on the other hand also tries its level best to provide fast loading speed and quick server response from their multiple data centres which are based in Dallas. But after a close competition, Arvixe has been able to beat Hostgator by some margin.



Uptime Comparison

Server uptime comparison becomes very important when you are selecting a web hosting provider as it is directly related with the performance of the website. Most companies will promise a 99.9% uptime guarantee but fails to put it into actual practice. Arvixe is so confident of achieving highest percentage that it has claimed that it would refund the money if it fails to attain the 99.9% uptime. It has backup generators and UPS power control system with 24/7 monitoring.

Hostgator has been able to achieve the 99.9% uptime guarantee giving a stiff competition to its rival company. However, the company does not offer any stats based on the uptime. All accounts except the dedicated servers are backed on weekly basis. However, if you want to restore a backup, you have to pay $15 if you do not have the backup file.uptime


Customer And Technical Support

Both Hostgator and Arvixe are experienced and professional hosting companies. Therefore, they are quite aware of the importance of providing the optimal customer support and technical assistance to all their users during anytime of the day. Both have basic amenities required for communication and contact such as email and phone numbers. Apart from that, they both have a live chat option where you can directly discuss all your problems with the technical staff.

Here the competition is nearly equal as both companies have employed friendly and well trained technical staffs and engineers to fix the problems. They both respond to the mails quickly helping out to solve any issue whether it is technical or related to billing. As far as the refund of money is concerned, Hostgator promises money back guarantee within 45 days while Arvixe has a 60-day refund policy. Thus, you can be rest assured that your money is safe & secure.

Control Panel

When you compare the control panels used by the two web hosting providers, you will be acquainted that they use the same cPanel for the Linux based web hosting plans. cPanel is one of the most advanced control panels which provides access to a number of features webmail, one-click backups and DNS settings for Google Apps. Both provide the access to WHM panel for the Reseller account holders.

 Additional Benefits

Nowadays, the customers have become a smart chooser and they like to compare the hosting companies on every ground including the extra benefits. Both Arvixe and Hostgator offer additional features so as to entice the customers. Hostgator provides free weekly site builder, Google Adwords worth $100, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, toll-free number only for business plan users.

Arvixe offers free domain for life, unlimited MS SQL database, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, secure FTP connections and so on.

The Final Verdict

Arvixe and Hostgator had a competition with each other and there were many aspects where they were nearly on equal terms. However, still because of the performance, the loading speed and the mainly due to affordable rates Arvixe got an edge over Hostgator.

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