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Web Hosting services are the internet hosting services which enables people or an organization to host their website on the World Wide Web and make it available for others all over the world. The companies which provide web hosting solutions give away data center and server space to their customers. Such services are further divided into many types, built according to the needs. One of the type of web hosting service is Virtual Private Server or better known as VPS which has its server resources divided into virtual servers where resources can be allocated in such a way that it does not show the underlying hardware. This hosting type is of lower cost but as they have to share their underlying hardware with other VPS, performance of one may degrade depending on the workload of other instance on the same hardware.

In this article we will discuss about Arvixe VPS hosting service and we will define it on various criterion such as performance, features, price, speed and technical support.


Arvixe have designed their VPS hosting plans as stepping stones between shared hosting and dedicated servers’ offering. Arvixe guarantees excellent performance on this service. The company provides both Windows and Linux VPS hosting solution ranging from online to small business purposes. Arvixe provides 3 hosting plans of VPs to choose from. In the further article we will compare the three plans according to above criterion, also reviewing Arvixe service as a whole.

Arvixe VPS on Price

Arvixe VPS hosting comprises of three plans specially built for its Linux platform; VPS Lite, VPS Class, VPS Pro. The VPS Lite plans costs $20 per month while VPS Class and Pro plan increase to the variable amount of $40 and $70 per month respectively. New customers are offered occasional cut -offs which let them buy the VPS hosting plan at $18 per month. The discount provided by the company rage from 15% to 20 %. Arvixe also guarantees 60 days money back if the client is unhappy with their performance. The marketing credits of $200 for Google and Yahoo advertising are also provided initially.

Arvixe hosting vps on price

Arvixe VPS on Features

Arvixe VPS is said to provide you with customizable, fast, secure and powerful websites. Some of the advance features provided by Arvixe VPS are detailed below.

  • Option to choose over OS: Arvixe is the only VPS hosting to provide option between Linux and Windows OS. There is no limitation to bandwidth and also unlimited email accounts can be created on all the domains hosted on the client’s server.
  • Fully manageable: Other VPS plans offered by Arvixe except VPS Lite and VPS Pro are full manageable. While other companies charge some amount for this, Arvixe offer it in the packaged bundle.
  • Multiple IP Addresses: Depending upon the plan a person choose from Arvixe VPS hosting, he is provided with up to 2 free IP Addresses. Arvixe truly understand the importance of IP Addresses in search engine ranking or SSL certificate.
  • CDN Ready: Arvixe VPS Cloudflare CDN ready for accessing fast website form any corner of the world.
  • SSD Drives: SSD Drives are known to give more power and support to VPS. So Arvixe VPS is powered with 15K RPM SSDs which makes the VPS experience worth it.
  • Control Panel & WHMCS License: Arvixe VPS is installed with cPanel control panel which enables their customers to manage and customize their accounts easily and efficiently. Softaculous included in cPanel provides the ease of installing websites in just a few clicks. Also WHMCS License is provided for free which is the popular billing software.
  • Weekly R1Soft Backups: Being able to get the back up of your website is cherry on the cake so for this Arvixe hosting comes up with weekly R1Soft Backups which makes restore request available any time

The following is the list of features provided by the Arvixe VPS hosting, it also compares the three types of VPS Lite, Class and Pro..

vps on features

Arvixe VPS on Speed & Uptime

Performance is the prime factor which is always considered in every appropriate sense. Arvixe ensure high quality performance to their clients. They have data centers located in Dallas, New Jersey and Chicago, all of them are certified by multiple SAS 70 Type II. The data centers are power backed up by the UPS which delivers high performance along with redundant and multi-network architecture.

All server services from Arvixe are namely: Apache/II, PHP/.NET, MYSQL/MSSQL and mail servers, they all run on SSD drivers in raid 10 which make them fast than other competitors in the market. Also Arvixe VPS hosting fully assures a server uptime of 99.9% which provides superb page loading speed.

Arvixe VPS on Customer Technical Support

Customer satisfaction is more important to attract and build a god customer base. Arvixe VPS hosting manages their technical assistance around the clock to serve their customer. Arvixe Customer Care support toll free phone number, email and lice chat. All of the Arvixe staff is well trained, knowledgeable and professional. In VPS hosting the customer is sure to receive a professional and useful help from the Arvixe team. Arvixe policy says that if customer is not happy with their assistance then they have a choice to stop the VPS hosting service and they will be refunded their money under 60 days Money Back Guarantee and no questions or reasons are asked to the customer.


Arvixe VPS hosting is purely cost effective giving options to choose from three types of versions according to the requirement. With greater stability and performance Arvixe Linux VPS hosting customers are benefitted from full access to their operating system. Providing a full root access enables customers to of VPS hosting accounts, to install custom applications on their system which otherwise require the administrative permission. Arvixe has all the VPS accounts provided with latest technologies and software which are built so as to provide high performing shared hosting environment. In that affordable price, the advantage of reliability of a dedicated environment is actually the Arvixe’s best advantage. Thus, Arvixe VPS Hosting is a good option, especially for online businesses or small and medium sized businesses.

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